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PEARL RIVER Digital Piano PRK500

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PEARL RIVER Digital Piano PRK500

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1 Year Warranty

Guaranteed Trade-in within 2 years
Free Piano stool + Premium Stereo Headphone (worth $49) + Power adaptor + Product Coaching Session

Japan’s Sound and Touch. Skillfully Crafted by the World’s Largest Piano Maker.


88 key (A0–C8), RH-3 (MADE IN JAPAN)


Light, Normal, Heavy


With slow fall system


120 (Max)

Tone Generator

Stereo PCM




Brilliant, Reverb, Chorus (3 levels each)

Demo Song


Pitch Correction

Transpose, Tuning


Line Out, MIDI In/Out, Headphone/Outx2,


Power, Volume, Piano Song, Transpose, Function, Touch, Brilliance, Reverb, Chorus, Bank, Sound x10, Up, Down, Metronome


Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain(with half-pedal)


(WxDxH Close) 144.2cm x 37cm x 79.6cm
(WxDxH Open) 144.2cm x 43.3cm x 102.4cm

All specifications subject to changes without notice.

Bold and a Stunning Black Beauty.


Wooden cabinet designed and made by Pearl River Piano
Wooden cabinet designed and produced by the largest piano manufacturer in the world Pearl River Piano Group, who’s been devoted to researching of the unique sound from wood. They are able to integrate the sound of acoustic piano into a digital piano.

Japan’s technology synthesized sound source – Using Japan’s sampling technology to capture and recreate the rich and colorful tone of an acoustic piano. Two types of acoustic piano sound representing the elegant and warm grand piano sound or clear and bright grand piano sound.
PRK-500 features 30 expressive built-in high-quality sounds, including stereo grand piano.
The 120 polyphony supports a fully empowered experience from the 22Wx2 powerful speaker house in the skilfully crafted wooden cabinet.


Made in Japan RH-3 (Real-Weighted Hammer Action 3) 
The PRK500 features the Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard.
RH3 keyboard divides the hammers into four different weights, with a heavier feel in the low register and a lighter feel in the high register as found on concert grand pianos.
With excellent response for repeated strikes, the performer’s expressiveness will stay superb even when playing songs containing rapid passages.

Gorgeous, High Gloss Black Finishing
With the over 60 years of craftsmanship and piano manufacturing experience, the PRK500 features a bold-looking black high gloss finish cabinet. A truly reflective shade and wonderfully expansive.

Effect Enhanced
3 built-in digital sound effects. These sound effects can adjust the brightness of the sound (BRILLIANT), the natural atmosphere of the simulated music hall (REVERB) and increase the fullness of the sound (CHORUS)

Built-in metronome allows you to choose the time signature, beat and volume, and even allows you to choose the chime as an accent.


To fully express the wide-range of music, the PRK-500 allows you to choose the 9 temperaments with equal (major and minor), classical (Kirnberger and Werckmeister), Middle East and India folk music and etc. Choose a piano soundtrack and it automatically selects the piano’s tuning temperament curvature.

Midi Production

The PRK-500 supports the MIDI protocol, a standard protocol that allows music data to be transferred between the instrument and the computer. MIDI enables two or more devices to control each other and uses the PRK-500 as a 16-channel tone source or MIDI controller.

Grand Piano Pedals

Three grand piano pedals (soft, sostenuto, sustain). All 3 are metal pedals integral with the piano cabinet, stable and secured feeling when pressed. Sustain pedal supports realistic half-pedaling for detailed expression.

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