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ABRSM Beethoven The 35 Piano Sonatas Volume 3

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ABRSM Beethoven The 35 Piano Sonatas Volume 3

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The 35 Piano Sonatas, Volume 3

A critical edition of the 35 piano sonatas by Professor Barry Cooper, renowned Beethoven
specialist. Created for today’s performers, teachers and scholars, this is the most
comprehensive study of these extraordinary works yet undertaken.

    • the only modern edition to include all 35 sonatas as a set

    • faithful to the original notation, correcting long-standing errors found in other editions

    • presents new and important research

    • general Introduction covering performance practice, including tempo, articulation,
      pedalling and dynamics

    • commentary to each sonata, including history, full assessment of the sources and detailed
      notes on interpretation


Series:  ABRSM Signature

Year of Publication: 2007

Pages: 320

Size & Presentation: 305 x 229 mm


Period: Classical 1750-1825

Genre: Concert: Sonata

Forces: Keyboard: Piano

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