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PETROF Grand Piano P159 Black

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PETROF Grand Piano P159 Black

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PETROF Standard Series Grand Piano P159BORA

Handmade in the Czech Republic . Hradec Králové, 1864 by PETROF Artisans

PETROF is the largest piano maker in Czech and one of the oldest in the world. With the head office, R&D and production plant remained in the company’s home town of Hradec Králové.

PETROF’s acoustic instruments stir the hearts of music lovers with their typically romantic, rounded and gentle tone. The company’s reputation has spread all over the world and still be able to continue the family tradition of piano building begun in 1864 by Antonín Petrof, the company founder.

PETROF currently make the grand piano models from the standard models Bora, Breeze, Storm to the top of the line Pasat, Monsoon and Mistral, and the premier line up of upright piano models.

PETROF has gained an array of patents including the declaration of quality construction materials and their European origin - the European Excellence Seal (EEX).

PETROF P159 Bora’s Technical Specification

Dimension: 159cm (L) x 152.5cm (W) x 102.5cm (H)

Weight: 309kg


Resonance spruce wood

Active area of soundboard

1,019 square metre

Ribs (number, shape)

10, spherical

Soundboard construction

wedgewise tapered 9-7mm

Cast iron plate

wet sand casting

Surfacing of iron plate 

light gold metallic paint, diamond effect

Pin block

Multiplex beech plywood, density 800 - 850 kg/m3

Inner rim material

9 laminas - beech, birch

Inner rim thickness


Wooden frame posts

3 longitudinal

Descent post material


Cut off bar (corner cross rib)


Outer rim-material

Sandwich, solid alder wood core, plywood coated, inner veneer Ebony Makassar

Bridge - treble

solid maple wood

Bridge- bass

solid maple wood

Bridge pins

Steel-ground tips 

Agraffes material - number

brass, 1-59


gis2 - c5




steel wire Röslau Germany, copper winding Degen Germany

Hitching of plain strings


Dampers - number



standard RENNER - PETROF

Hammer heads

The highest quality hammerheads made in Germany, individually voiced


Tangential sawn spruce wood, individually balanced with lead

Black keys

Ebony wood


left - Unacorda (Piano) pedal, middle -  Sostenuto (Prolongement) pedal, right - Sustein pedal

Legs and castors

standard legs, small unbraked castors

PETROF sign on right side wall


Felts colour


Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech.


Its size is the only thing that makes the Bora a small instrument. As soon as the hammers hit the strings, you will discover its wonderful, rich and surprisingly powerful sound.

Once again it is made up of the very best materials, technology and design features of concert instruments into its construction. Its potential greatly transcends its actual size. Professional players favour it for practice purposes and domestic use.

Abundant Exclusive Benefits for CRISTOFORI’s Piano Owners

  • 5 Years Full Guarantee on parts and workmanship

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  • Free Tunings: 2 Piano Tunings

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  • 7 days/week after-sales service, Technical Backup by CRISTOFORI Technical Team, Singapore’s Largest Piano Company with 20 technicians

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FREE Value Pack Accessories worth $450

  • Premium Concert Bench

  • Piano Cover

  • Keyboard Felt Cover

  • Cleaning Cloth

  • Piano Heater

  • Piano Shine Polisher

  • Key Cleaner

  • Pedal Socks

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