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Rosler Upright Piano RD126 Black

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Rosler Upright Piano RD126 Black

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Rösler RD Series Upright piano RD126

Rösler piano has its origins in the Czech Republic dating back to 1878. Over the 150 years, the company has enjoyed steadfast growth under the management of its founder Gustav Rösler and his family members whose expertise in piano and piano making has ensured continued success of continuity in the European market until the brand was taken over by the prestigious piano maker PETROF.

Today, as the PETROF family brand, ROSLER piano is one of the inheritance of the rich and original European sound qualities - the Sound of Europe.

Rösler pianos are designed in PETROF’s development workshop in Hradec Králové and produced under licence in China in conformity with the technical documentation of PETROF’s Technology Department under the technical supervision of its employees.

The RD series upright pianos are upgraded version of the R series pianos, and the RD series upright pianos have more accurate sound source iron plate that is cast with higher precision. 

Thanks to the high precision of the casting process, the RD series upright pianos have the same design as the PETROF's classic honeycomb iron.  

The design curves of the RD series upright pianos are smooth and beautiful.

Rösler RD126  technical specification

Dimension: 126cm (H) x 145.4cm (L) x 59cm (D)

  • Positioning hole technology invented to ensure assembly accuracy

  • Automatic friction stringer patent to improve pitch stability

  • Germany imported RöSLAU special high-grade strings

  • Aluminum alloy solid wood multi-layer plate adjustment file

  • European cartridge type mute system

  • AAA  Spruce wood soundboard

  • High-quality solid color wood back frame structure

  • European traditional solid wood flap linkage system

  • Bass string pillow button design

  • Wood keyboard

  • Keyboard cover safety descent

Rösler pianos represent an ideal compromise between price and quality and form an essential component of the “PETROF Brand Family”. They are perfect for beginners, but more experienced pianists will also appreciate their quality.

Abundant Exclusive Benefits for CRISTOFORI’s Piano Owners

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FREE Value Pack Accessories worth $450

  • Premium Concert Bench

  • Piano Cover

  • Keyboard Felt Cover

  • Cleaning Cloth

  • Piano Heater

  • Piano Shine Polisher

  • Key Cleaner

  • Pedal Socks

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