Seiler Upright Piano 132 Konzert with SMR

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Seiler Upright Piano 132 Konzert with SMR

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5 Years Guarantee


Ebony Polished


132cm x 151cm x 65cm (H x W x D)


275 kg


Revolutionary professional upright grand piano with maximum key repetition like a grand piano.

  • Height: 132cm
  • Deep powerful bass sound with crystal-clear clarity in the treble notes, and brilliant intensity in its power
  • Features patented Super Magnet Repetition (SMR) that enables maximum repetition of keys, aiding pianists in playing complicated passages of running notes
  • Excellent touch that impresses even the most discerning of elite players
  • Crafted with German Abel Helmut hammers, Louis Renner type action, and other premium materials.

Seiler, well known for their impeccable standards and crystal clear tone, is one of Europe’s most important manufacturers of upright and grand pianos. Since founded in Liegnitz in 1849, Seiler has been on the quest to create the perfect piano. Due to this aim for perfection, the name of Seiler has an excellent renown worldwide after these 160 years. Seiler pianos are the only pianos with the quality-seal “RAL German Pianos” certifying that the piano is made 100% in Germany and of all German parts.

Our classic 132 Konzert, available also with the Seiler-patented super magnet repetition system (SMR), offers you playing opportunities like a grand with his flexible sound. In one word: a piano with a maximum of convenience for highest musical liberty.


  • 5 Years Full Guarantee on parts and workmanship
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Tunings: 2 (Available from Mon – Sun)
  • Lifetime CRISTOFORI Membership and enjoy wide range of products and services at 15% off
  • 7 days / week after-sales service, Technical Backup by CRISTOFORI Technical Team, Singapore’s Largest Piano Company with 20 technicians.
  • Accept trade-in of your old piano


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